DOUG BLUMER - Lead Vocals and Guitar

Doug began his singing career on the banks of the Mississippi singing along to Elvis.  It's no surprise that he has been dubbed "The Honky Tonk Sinatra" due to his velvety vocals that touch on George Jones and Meryl Haggard.  Add into the mix The Beatles and The Byrds and you come up with The Bohemian Highway.

After more than two decades in San Francisco, Doug relocated to West Sonoma County in 2010 where the band was formed.  He continues to delight audiences with his musicality and creative talents on lead guitar and vocals.


NANCY IRISH - Rhythm Guitar and Harmony Vocals

Doug and Nancy have been married for over 30 years.  They've been writing awesome songs together all that time.  After the move to the country, they began performing as Bohemian Highway and adding new musicians along the way.



Kent and Doug began their musical journey together in the mid 1990's.  Kent's bass brings a melodic sensibility to the rhythm section.  His pedigree is legendary in Sonoma County.  We are lucky!


JANE FOSSGREEN - Saxophone and Harmony Vocals

Jane is a featured soloist on saxophone.  Jane combines her expertise in classic soul and blues to add a depth of roots to our pop-heavy sound.



Robert is widely known as our "special sauce".  His diverse musical contributions include electric guitar, harmonica, flute, mandolin, banjo and melodica, just to name a few.  His background in Pepperland, a Beatles cover band, adds a rich layering of  musical tastiness.



Dan has been keeping the beat around Sonoma County for more years than anyone can remember.  He understands the flexibility and diversity of styles needed for original music.  He is vital in giving our tunes the beat that gets the audiences up and dancing.